Soul Mining

I am constantly seeking out new musical knowledge, different ways I can look at music, understand it, perform, direct, and create it. I am on a journey to discover more about what it means to make records as I feel what it means to make an interesting and soulful piece of music with an artist or group is becoming lost in the over-saturated market of today's Music Industry. I find a lot of people forget the importance of unique melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic ideas working in absolute tandem, with purpose and direction. Dan Lanois's (U2, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Neil Young) methods have always been of interest to me. I do not always agree with his approach as I have developed the ways in which I like to work, however, upon reading his book, Soul Mining, I have found the beginning of my search into the complex world of making music. Lanois's insight into his personal struggle, growth, and methods are truly fascinating and reassuring. His philosophy on arrangement and the importance of special moments within a song is a philosophy that I have been developing in my early career as a record maker. Like Lanois, I like to find the forefathers of the music I am working on so that I can better understand it and guide it. "Relevance is content measured up against the past". In closing, this book is not a lesson on drum micing or compression, rather, it is an insight to understanding a human condition, fears and dreams in which all of us share. It has allowed someone such as myself to be reassured that even the man who helped create some of music's greatest records has doubt within himself. Like Lanois, I am constantly digging, trying to find knowledge and creativity wherever I can so that I can continue to nurish my passion for making music with talented artists around me.